How much do we charge for our services?

Due to the variation in complexity and intensity of each individual matter standard rates are not feasible, therefore BOLD reserves the right to assess each instance on merit and quote accordingly.

A standard consultation fee of R900 applies per appointment or per query.

Please submit your enquiry with the necessary detail on email under the CONTACT US section of our website and we will respond to your query within 24hours.

*The nature of our service is such that a short lead time necessitates after hour input from us to meet your deadline for proper preparation, therefore, please note that the shorter the lead time given to BOLD to provide assistance the more the escalation in the final fee.

What are our Terms and Conditions?

Glossary for Terms and Conditions:

BOLD: Business Oriented Labour Dynamics

“the Law/s”: The Constitution, BCEA, LRA, EEA, Criminal Law, RICA, POPI Act of SA

“the client”: the employer or employee who enlisted the services of BOLD

SA: (Republic of) South Africa

AA: Automobile Association

IATA: International Air Travel Association

NAA-SA: National Accommodation Association of South Africa

  1. BOLD will not enlist any contracts of service that equate to a conflict of interest for the client in any particular matter at any time. Provided that BOLD has been informed of such a conflict of interest upfront or information received by BOLD clearly indicates such a conflict, BOLD will eradicate any conflict of interest within their control in the contracted matter for the client. In cases when an employer as well as an employee from the same company, seek to be or are already contracted to the services of BOLD, BOLD reserves the right to enlist clients on a first-come-first-serve basis in order to eradicate any possible conflict of interest, with no obligation to the party who cannot be contracted to be served by BOLD as a result. In such an instance BOLD reserves the right to terminate the contract with the last party to enlist the services of BOLD, with no claims of this party against BOLD whatsoever. Should an instance arise where both parties to the same matter have inadvertently been contracted to BOLD and BOLD establishes such a conflict of interest after the fact, BOLD reserves the right to terminate the contract of the last party to enlist the services of BOLD, with no claims of this party against BOLD whatsoever.

  2. Face-to-face contact with any BOLD representative, whether required in person or by video call, will be accommodated by appointment only. Consultation fees will apply and accrue according to the length of the actual meeting and any and all services that result from this meeting will be charged for separately and according to the services enlisted.

  3. Every interaction between a BOLD representative and the client whether it be in person, telephonic or by correspondence is considered to be- and may be charged for by BOLD as a pro rata consultation.

  4. When and where a BOLD representative is a direct party to the conversation, BOLD reserves the legal right to keep record of all such conversations, meetings and correspondence, for quality purposes, whether by means of voice recording or in writing.

  5. BOLD operates in total adherence to the Law of SA and completely refrains from any and all illegal activities, both directly and indirectly, therefore should BOLD become aware of any unlawful conduct on the part of the client in terms of the matter contracted for service that may implicate BOLD, which the client either has not disclosed or refuses to remedy within the parameters of the Law, BOLD will consider the contract breached and summarily terminate such contract, whether this client be an employer or an employee, at any time within and prior to the fulfilment of such contract, upon which termination all fees of work completed by BOLD for the client, including documents not delivered as yet, will become due and payable to BOLD in full on the date of such termination even if services contracted by the client to BOLD remain incomplete.

  6. BOLD advocates lawful conduct at all times and gives advice, prepares documents and executes professional conduct of an enquiry/hearing, training or advice based on the legal rights of the client according to the Law of SA and therefore

  7. a. accepts no liability for the actions taken on the part of the client of their own cognisance that amounts to victimization, insolence, insubordination or violence in any way.

  8. b. accepts no liability for the reaction thereto by the opposing party to the matter of the client contracted to BOLD, whether it be an employer or an employee, in that particular matter for advice, document preparation, professional conduct of a disciplinary enquiry/hearing or training given.

  1. BOLD gives advice, prepares documents and executes professional conduct of an enquiry/hearing or training exclusively based on information supplied to BOLD by the client in terms of the contracted matter and therefore BOLD will not accept any liability whatsoever for the erroneous execution of services based on inaccurate information supplied by the client.

  2. Any instruction or mandate from the client to BOLD, either verbally or in writing, to render any of the services on offer, is considered to be a contract in itself and/or an addendum to an existing contract.

  3. These Terms & Conditions automatically form part of all contracts with BOLD with the exception of payment terms where differently negotiated in any long-term contract.

  4. BOLD hereby reserves the right to utilize whatever legal remedies available and necessary to protect BOLD and its’ representatives.

  5. BOLD reserves the right to recover any and all legal costs from the client should such have to be incurred by BOLD to lawfully recover outstanding fees in regards to any contract.

  6. BOLD reserves the right to report poor payment and/or non-payment by the client to the necessary authorities that administer credit records accordingly.

  7. BOLD will conduct all disciplinary enquiries/hearings and training on the premises of the client. Should the client prefer for disciplinary enquiries/hearings or training to be conducted at an alternative venue to the client’s business premises, all arrangements and expenses in terms of securing such an alternative venue will be for the client’s account and is to be settled by the client with the venue administrator directly.

  8. BOLD reserves the right to charge the client for the costs of all aspects related to travel to and from locations, other than the premises of BOLD, for all matters where a BOLD representative has to travel to fulfil any service as contracted. Such charges will be calculated according to standard Uber rates or AA guidelines for road travel, airline tickets according to standard IATA guidelines for air travel and accommodation according to standard NAA-SA guidelines. Costs for travel are due to be paid by the client over and above fees for services rendered.

  9. BOLD is not reasonably able to predetermine and quote in full the total cost of services provided by BOLD to any client in advance due to the individual nature of each case enlisted for the services provided by BOLD. Adaptable estimates can be given in advance yet actual labour intensity per matter can only be established in service preparation and execution in terms thereof due to process and therefore BOLD retains the right to adapt fees and charge for services according to the volume of the content and labour intensity of each individual matter accordingly. Estimates can be given to facilitate budgets, yet will not be considered to be the final account payable to BOLD. The amount due on the final invoice rendered by BOLD to the client will indicate the settlement due by the client on the contract.

  10. BOLD will set out an exact indication of fee determination on each invoice to the client.

  11. BOLD reserves the right to adapt fees according to the labour intensity and the volume of the content of case matter for each and every case the client requires services for. When a client has more than one case at a time that requires the services of BOLD each case will be charged for separately based on the volume of the content and labour intensity of each matter individually not in combination.

  12. BOLD asserts that no response to an inquiry contained in consultation, emailed communication or telephone conversations will at any time form part of any preliminary fee. Due to the nature of the services provided by BOLD, fees will be adapted according to the volume of the content and labour intensity per case and billed accordingly.

  13. a. BOLD requires preliminary fees as quoted to be paid in full upfront for all document preparation prior to handing such over to the client.

  14. b. BOLD reserves the right to apply a fee adjustment, in cases where unexpected increased labour intensity requires such, which is to be paid on completion of the task prior to the handover of advice or prepared documentation to the client.

  1. Short notice to respond to a mandate/instruction/contract will result in a fee escalation if such necessitates any BOLD representative to work on the matter outside of standard business hours. BOLD has a standard business hour schedule of a Monday to Friday work-week from 09h00 to 17h00 on the days stipulated as part of the work-week herein. Public Holidays and weekends are considered by BOLD to fall outside the parameters of their standard work-week and will be treated as being outside of standard business hours in terms of fees.

  2. Payment made to BOLD can be transacted by whatever transaction is most suitable to the client in such a way that funds reflect as available for immediate withdrawal in the bank account held by BOLD.
  1. Proof of payment supplied to BOLD at email address: is a prerequisite for the client to receive any and all services in terms of advice, documents, professional conduct of disciplinary enquiries/hearings or training contracted to BOLD to deliver.